What the Cluck?

Happy Easter! Christian humor at its finest.


Here's what my friends in the greater Boston area think of all the recent snow.


Prince Adolph

Here's a question I've pondered all day: Who's dumber, Harry for being a Nazi or Charles for cheating on Diana with the ever so ugly Camilla?


MasterCrap Priceless


I love making snow...penises?


A Very Shabot Christmas!


Crooked Israeli Refs

Two Israeli refs have been jailed for 6 months for fixing soccer matches. They got 7,000 shekels ($1,615) as bribes for fixing the matches. Who are these refs? The guys from Dumb & Dumber. Way to piss your life a way for a few lousy bucks. And good for the Israeli judge for giving these guys the smackdown. US sports should take a lesson.

Chastity Underwear

Now available at Target: Chastity Underwear complete with a lock and key. Written on the lock is "safe and secure".

It seems to me that if anyone got close enough to see the lock and key, the underwear are no longer safe and secure. Call me crazy, but I don't think these are going to be too effective.