Rabbi Moishe is da man

It all started when two best friends got together to devise a way to conquer the world.  After years of contemplating the perfect widget and bouncing stupid ideas back and forth from Portland (CT) to Atlanta to Jupiter, finally we saw the light.  The light came from a candle lit by a Rabbi, Rabbi Moishe. 

We never met Rabbi Moishe before, but when we did, we knew that he was our man.  Rabbi Moishe is our widget.  Rabbi Moishe, a Jew & a Gentile are going to take over the world.  Every Jew, every person that knows a Jew, heck every person that ever saw an Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller movie will know who we are.  Not only will they know us, they will be buying what we decide to sell to them. 

My friends, tonight I welcome Rabbi Moishe to the world.  Look out he will be everywhere very soon.   


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