Is Books-A-Million Anti-Semitic? Racist?

Yesterday I took my 3 year old son to Books-A-Million. The holiday books, or shall I say Christmas books, are out in full force. We went to the kids section to find a children's Chanukah book. Much to my surprise there were only 2 Chanukah books in the children's section. There were 12 Christmas books and only one Kwanzaa book. To top it off the Chanukah and Kwaanza books were towards the bottom of the rack.

I don't know if Books-A-Million is truly an anti-semitic or racist company. I know there are plenty of good Jewish children's books out there. I live in South Florida, there are tons of Jews here. You would think a store like this would want to cater to their clientele. I think I'll just shop online or go to a Judaica store from now on, it's a shame, it's a lot of fun taking kids to the book store to pick out whichever book they want.


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