Why Who's Your Rabbi?

Several of my friends have said to me "Larry why are you selling those cool and hip Jewish t-shirts? What do you know about being a stylish, fashion conscious, hip Jew?"

My response is "I decided to launch Who's Your Rabbi? because I feel there is a demand and need for more hip Jewish apparel in the marketplace. There are several sites that sell Jewish, Yiddish, Hebrew and Israeli themed t-shirts and apparel, but none of their gear really appealed to me. They were either kind of plain or they were too religious. So I decided to learn the apparel business and design a shirt that will appeal to both Jewish females and males."

So far the Who's Your Rabbi? t-shirts have been doing great. Everyone loves the design and they are selling like crazy. I've learned a lot about the retail apparel industry and at the same time I've been rediscovering myself as a Jew. If I didn't sell a single damn t-shirt the fact that I have become a better Jew will have made this all worthwhile.


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