The World's Most Expensive Matzoh Ball Soup

The other day I wasn't feeling well so I opted to go to the local TooJay's deli and pick up some matzoh ball soup for lunch. The bowl of soup ended up costing me $118! No kidding. TooJay's is less than a mile from my office, but within that mile there is a ton of construction going on. I was sick, jamming to some Dave Matthews and not paying attention to the 35 MPH speed limit. I got a $115 speeding ticket. The lovely Palm Beach Gardens police officer proceeded to tell me how nice he was being for giving me a ticket as if it were just speeding, but not in a construction zone. If he had not been so nice to me, the ticket would have been $350.

If I had been feeling better I would have had a witty response to try and get out of the ticket. The way I felt I just wanted to get back to my desk and eat the damn soup. This is the first speeding ticket I've ever gotten that I really wasn't upset about. I was more concerned with eating my soup. As for the bald headed cop who gave me the ticket, I wish chronic diarrhea upon you for the entire holiday season.


Blogger Solomon said...

That gave me a laugh. Get well soon!

December 5, 2004 at 9:47 PM  

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